Thursday, January 31, 2013

Elder T
So today my boss asked Emily to make Mr T a missionary for our team site.  Since we are now the A-team.  Here is her handi-work! love it.

Friday, June 22, 2012


I have the world's most talented sister in law.  Her name is Jill and she can make anything, she is especially good at blankets.  I have a lot of "Jill Blankets" as I call them and I thought I would share their adorableness with you. :)

This is a blanket she made for my little Gabe one year for Christmas. Come on! how cute is that?!

This was our wedding gift! LOVE IT!

Summer!!! We asked for this for Christmas, and have a winter one with snowflakes that is AMAZING, but I will add those photos later because I don't have one currently.
I am super excited because I have commissioned her to make one for sweet Piper, that will be purple and gray and I am certain will be completely AWESOME! Stay tuned for more Jilly wonderfulness.

Friday, May 18, 2012

This Christmas I decided to make a bunch of what I call peek-a-boo bags.  They are made for kids to play with and have rice or beads in them with cute little things for the kids to find. I made my own pattern and after a few trys I finally came up with what I think turned out pretty great! I made a whole bunch of them for my neices and nephews. They were a hit!
I am pretty proud of them, and they are so fun. :)
I used waterproof fabric so the baby can suck on them without ruining them. 
I suppose I should give you instructions for how I did it...
Take a 4 inch by 4 inch square of clear vinyl, and about 1/4 yard of waterproof fabric cut the fabric into 4 - 2 inch X 9 inch strips and a 9 inch X 9 inch square.  Then I hemmed the strips so that they look nice and put them togetherso they make a square with the middle missing, then stitch the vinyl to the middle of the square. Place the 9 inch square and the square you have just made with the window right sides together and sew around it leaving a couple of inches on one corner so you can flip it right side out. Topstitch around th outside to give it a nice clean look.  Sew halfway between the out side abd the plastic leaving the same corner open (so the rice and buttons dont end up too far in the corners)  Then fill about halfway full of rice and random fun things to find.  I used buttons in shapes of my kids' favorite things.  Cars, trucks, animals, etc.  then finish the line around the open corner to hold everything inside.  then fold under the outside corner and topstitch to close and finish it off.  So fun, so easy!
I really just wanted to post some pics of my sweet girl, but I figured while I am at it I ought to explain how I made her awesome tutu.  SO EASY, SO CHEAP!! Boutiques want upwards of $30 to sell you one so why not make your own and save a ton, plus you can have it exactly how you want it. 

I bought my tulle in a spool online.  It was under $2 for 25 yards of 6 inch wide tulle! I got a piece of elastic and tied the tulle around it. You fold the tulle in ahlf to make a loop then stick the ends through to tie it on in such a way that it is easily moved or untied.  Then when it was the fullness I wanted I sewed ribbon to the ends of the elastic to make the ties. 

Turned out pretty cute eh? I made the whole thing for about 3 bucks! And man she is CUTE!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Ok, so I am terrible at updating my blog, but I am going to attempt to be better.  I can not believe how busy I have been lately, it seems there is something going on all of the time.  How do you ever get caught up?!  Between work, spring cleaning, car repairs, kids, and a tiny bit of sleep, I don't think I can fit anything else in. I am trying to be better at updating my blog though, mostly for me as a journal of sorts.  I hope that I don't bore you, but I suppose if I do, you can just ignore me :).  I can't believe how big my baby girl Piper is getting, she is now 14 months old and walking  running everywhere.  A couple of weeks ago she randomly decided to give sommersaults a try and can actually do them! I really think she may become a gymnast, Olympics here we come.  She is super tough (you have to be with Gabriel as a big brother), she will smack her head on something or fall down and she reaches up and rubs her head really hard and just keeps on going.  I laugh everytime, it is just so adorable.  I hope she ends up making it out of babyhood because I swear she knocks that beautiful little (ok, huge) noggin of hers on something, EVERYDAY!  I love watching her with her big brother, he adores her, and she him. She laughs at his silliness just as much as Jared and I do.  She copies everything he does, and follows him around.  He shows off for her, and they are just 2 little peas in a pod.  I got some pictures done of her for her 1st birthday and she was crankier than she has pretty much ever been, which was crazy because at her 6 month photos she smiled in literally EVERY frame.  I was pleasantly surprised that we got as many great photos, as we did. I will post some here.  Piper is the sweetest, most loving little girl around, and I am so very blessed to be her mommy.  Whatever I did in the Pre-Earth life, I must have done something right for the Lord to have given me these two amazing spirits.  I am also so very grateful for my sweet Jared, he is so good to me, even when I don't deserve it.  We have gotten to go an a few dates recently, something that we weren't able to do for a long time when he was working because his schedule was so inconvenient.  Dates are great!:) We doubled the other night with a couple friend of ours, the Haywards and had a blast.  Angelica and I used to work at Skywest together and got to be good friends when we ended up being pregnant at the same time TWICE! We have SO much in common and I feel she is an answer to my prayers, I have prayed for a long time for a dear friend who shares my beliefs and values, but that I could also share fun with my kids, and joke with.  I found all of those things and more in her.  She is loving and kind, and we have a blast together.  I am feeling just so very blessed as of late, as I have gotten a group of moms that I can spend time with who have become very dear friends, Angelica, Hanni, and Noanoa, I have a wonderful husband, and the 2 best kids a mom could ask for.  Heavenly Father is good and very, very, kind.  I just needed to put my thanks down in print, I find that it helps me to be more grateful, and avoid taking my many blessings for granted when I do. Thanks for reading, I hope for more to come...but I wouldn't hold my breath, as it may be a while ;)
P.S Piper's photos will come in a separate post, since I can't access them right now.

Monday, March 19, 2012

My Silly Little Gabe.

Some of you may be wondering about my blog address. Singletonsandsroggies, well my little boy is hilarious and he doesn't say the F sound everything is the S sound so whenever he says froggies it sounds like sroggies and I love it. My absolute favorite F word he uses is friends. He will say to me "Mom, I want to play with my sriends" It is adorable. Seriously, everything that comes out of that kid's mouth, makes me laugh.

The other night he was running around the house after he had gone potty, he left his pants off and ran to the window, and with his bare bum waving around in the air he yells "Mom, look there's something out there, and it's white and moony" I looked over and had to chuckle. Especially when I saw that what he was looking at, was actually the moon. It is a great description of the moon, don't you think?

We went to Lowe's a while back when we were struggling with potty training him, he would absolutely refuse to even try sitting on the potty. We walked past the display toilets at Lowes and Gabe goes running over and starts to pull his pants down saying " I need to go potty!" I had to grab him and pull his pants back up and I told him he couldn't go in those toilets because they were just for people to look at and they didn't have any water in them. He then decided to climb in one since in his words, " I have to climb in this one, because I can't climb in the one at home since it has water in it." As if I should totally understand that he had to climb in one...

One night I was putting him down to bed and I was SO tired. All Iwanted to do was go to sleep. He wouldn't calm down so I told him that he wasn't going to get any books, stories, or songs. He just had to go to bed. He looked at me and cocked his head and very sweetly said to me, "Mommy please tell me about Jesus" How can a mom resist that?! He definately knows how to work the system!

I love that silly kid! More craziness to come!!